your heart is the only place that i call home

and there's fantasy, there's fallacy, there's tumbling stone

12 November
Ohio, United States
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"he called me lovely!", "love you coooook", a midsummer night's dream, alison-sudol-owns-my-soul, all-the-fictional-ships-you-hate, american idol season 7, anime, any-science-except-physics, basketball, being delusional, bicycling, blake-lively's-sunshiny-and-rainbowy-hair, bollywood, bowling, boys named david, bright young things, british accents, cancelled tv shows, cat power, cooking (to some extent), creative writing, cricket, damien rice/lisa hannigan, dancing, david james archuleta, david roland cook, david squared, david tennant's oral fixation, david tennant/billie piper, david-tennant-is-my-doctor, daydreaming, doomed love affairs, drama club/theatre/plays, driving, edward/bree, edward/rosalie, edward/tanya, feminism, fiddler on the roof, finding innuendo in everything, florence welch, fools, foreign languages, frappuccinos, gay rights, gemma/kartik, gemma/simon, glen hansard/marketa irglova, hanging out with friends, harry potter, harry/anyone but ginny, harry/hermione, harry/luna, hating jacob/nessie, human rights, india, jacob/bella, katniss/peeta, kelly kapoor story hour, kicking-ass-and-taking-names, laughing too much, learning new things, living-life-to-the-fullest, london, lord of the rings, lowercase letters, manga, mcgosling, medical dramas with medicine, much ado about nothing, music of all kinds, mythology, negative space, old houses, peter pan, photography, pocket idol, poetry, pretending-that-i-never-read-twilight, pretty people looking down, pro-choice boys, procrastinating, quoting the office, reading too many books, regina spektor, reproductive rights, sarcasm, saving the world, sexual frankness, shamelessly fangirling, shipping pretty people together, shopping, singing badly, social justice, some reality tv shows, spamming nat's inbox, spring awakening, taylor lautner's face, team human, telugu, tennis, the anthemic, the gemma doyle trilogy, the hunger games, the matchmaker, the secret garden, traveling, twilight fandom/wank, unconventional romances, veronica-mars-is-smarter-than-you, watching tv, weird and wonderful movies, wicked, wizard rock, women's studies, yctiwy

a beautifully broken heart.

wifey ♥
the cracks in your smile make it impossible to decipher something legible
i'm just a little bit heiress, a little bit irish

nitya. college grad. bibliophile. activist, writer and photographer. fangirl for life.

et cetera 100% friends only. would appreciate it muchly if you comment here and tell her she's been added.

you are the blank to my blank.

the epic to my win.
the jim to my dwight.
the ginny to my hermione.

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